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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stories Wanted

If you need stories to add to a book you're working on, you can advertise your need (for free) on DanPoynter@ParaPublishing.com; http://ParaPub.com. Here are the listings in the current (free) e-zine issue.

I like writers to help other writers.

Also, notice the kinds of books people are working on. What kind of book would you like to write?


NEED STORIES to flesh-out your book? List your wants here. Focus on a
single topic and provide your contact information. Write tight: limit your listing to 100 words. Conform to the format so we can Copy\Paste and do not have to edit. Send your listing to DanPoynter@ParaPublishing.com Put “Stories Wanted” in the Subject line of your email. There is no charge for listings.

WANT TO CONTRIBUTE YOUR STORY? Contact requesters directly. Do not send stories, etc. to Dan.


1. I'M WORKING ON A BOOK ABOUT "FINDING THE BOOK IN YOU." Seek short stories of what inspired an author to choose a particular topic and write a book.
--Susan Klopfer, sklopfer@gmail.com

2. I need true stories of DEMONIC POSSESSION, SUPERNATURAL EVENTS, TIME TRAVEL, UFO ABDUCTIONS, AND/OR PARANORMAL ENCOUNTERS. I'm only interested in accurate accounts of your life-altering experiences. Do not spare any of the details. Please add your written permission to include your story, if selected, in a future book. You can choose to remain anonymous. I will, however, need your contact information for clarification purposes only. Please put "My Story" in the subject line and submit to moviemkr@earthlink.net. Thank you! I look forward to reading your stories.

3. DEFINITE REACTIONS TO FOOD ADDITIVES OR COSMETIC INGREDIENTS for Ruth Winter's best selling A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients and A Consumer's Dictionary of Food Additives.Ruth@www.brainbody.com.

4. Stories sought from WOMEN about YOUR BIGGEST RESERVATION TO VOLUNTEERING AS A MENTOR TO A SCHOOL-AGED GIRL. When you hear about such an opportunity, what concerns do you have? What do you imagine will or will not happen? What insecurities do you have - personally or about the experience itself? Complete this QUICK online survey at
www.kidsneedmentors.com (BEST WAY) OR send an email to solid_pathways@comcast.net.

5. I am looking for boomer aged women who have stopped coloring their hair and gone "natural" to submit a brief 500 word story and digital head shot to be featured on my website's Gallery of Silver Sages. Send submissions to maggierosecrane@gmail.com and preview the gallery at

6. I'm looking for more writers interested in being featured in my upcoming book on TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS, TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES FOR PROFESSIONAL WRITERS. If you're interested in this project, please visit this link:
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=MW7CiPeh7cYbc_2bpqcdtQnQ_3d_3d to take my 5-minute survey. For those of you who've already responded to my previous inquiry, please expect a phone call soon to set up our interview!
--Kim Stacey, Freelance Writer, 831-338-0220

7. I would like your submission of stories regarding your experience with INTUITION. Why you do or do not believe in this phenomenon along with stories to compliment your belief. I will select some of these stories for a book I will be compiling this year. Authors of accepted submissions will receive a free copy of the book. Send your stories, name and e-mail address to: Rashun Jones P.O. Box 36651 Oklahoma City, OK 73136 or rashunjones@cox.net,

8. THE TUNE OF BUSINESS - Wanted - Stories of successful business men and women who would also point to music education as an experience that helped define them as a person and taught them lessons, skills, and insights that contributed to business success. Can send stories via e-mail or provide contact info for a brief (25 - 30 minute) phone interview. Name and affiliation will be noted in the book if deemed suitable for use. Respond to ccortello@ldv-enterprises.com or call Craig at (504) 481-6105

9. Producing book and seminar about RETIREMENT. Would like to receive short stories about successful and/or challenging retirement stories. Also would could use input from you by completing the following sentence, "You know it's time to retire when . . ." If you request it, I will put you on my distribution list for when the project is complete. Notification will include seminar and book content and a note of thanks for contribution to the book, placed within the acknowledgements in the book. Thank you in advance for your time and energy. All submissions can be sent to methadee@gmail.com.

10. I am writing a book on SPIRITUAL ABUSE, WITCHCRAFT AND RELIGIOUS ADDICTION. LOOKING FOR PERSONS WHO BELIEVE THEY HAVE BEEN VICTIMIZED. I am a Licensed Pastoral Counselor. The purpose of the book is to educated people concerning spiritual abuse and to help them recover. CONFIDENTIALITY ASSURED AND ANONYMITY PROTECTED.
Contact - Wanda wcurrie3@verizon.net or (410) 836-6437. Thank You!

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