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Friday, November 06, 2009

If You Write It, You Should Read It

Go check out the autumn 2009 issue of this publication, described in this note from the editor, Lauren Kessler:

Etude: The Journal of Literary Nonfiction

In this issue…

> THOMAS GIBBS, M.D. struggles to help a patient.

> MICHELLE THERIAULT searches for sea otters.

> MARC DADIGAN goes to the fights.

> KATHERINE GRIES tries to get a good night’s sleep.

>JOHN R. CORRIGAN remembers important lessons.

>In LISTEN UP, our audio feature, JACK HART, national writing coach and author of A Writer’s Coach, talks about narrative techniques in news writing.

>In WIDE ANGLE, our multi-media feature, Etude’s own MICHAEL WERNER and KATIE CAMPBELL chronicle the experiences and transformative art of World War II-era pacifists at Camp Waldport on the Oregon coast.


>ISOLDE RAFTERY interviews the inestimable (and delightfully curmudgeonly) Barbara Ehrenreich.

>TERESA BARKER explores books that place little actors on a big stage.

>LAUREN KESSLER bids adieu to another book manuscript.

>Our thoughtful reviewers comment on seven new literary nonfiction books on topics ranging from western wildfires to British birds, from boat building to fine art collecting, from life in an urban hospital to the joys of house remodeling.

Etude is published quarterly by the Literary Nonfiction program at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication.

As always, we encourage and invite your comments. Use the “contact us” link on the magazine’s website.

Look for our WINTER 2010 issue on January 31.

All back issues are archived at our site.

Lauren Kessler

Editor, Etude Magazine
Director, graduate program Literary Nonfiction
latest project, ThinHouse.net



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