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Friday, April 14, 2006

3 Markets for Gardening Nonfiction

Tidbits from Writers’ Market e-newsletter.

The American Gardener pays $300-550 for nonfiction features,
depending on complexity and the author's experience. This
bimonthly publication covering gardening and horticulture
accepts queries by mail. The editors say, "The majority of
our readers are advanced, passionate amateur gardeners;
about 20 percent are horticultural professionals."

Early American Life pays $350-700 for nonfiction features.
This bimonthly magazine is for "people who are interested in
capturing the warmth and beauty of the 1600-1840 period and
using it in their homes and lives today." The editors accept
queries by mail and e-mail.

Seattle Homes & Lifestyles pays $150-400 for nonfiction
features. This magazine, covering home design and
lifestyles, is published 10 times per year. The editors say,
"We're always looking for experienced journalists with clips
that demonstrate a knack for writing engaging, informative

You can view complete, updated listings for these home and
garden magazines by clicking below:

* The American Gardener

* Early American Life

* Seattle Homes & Lifestyles

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