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Monday, July 17, 2006

Reading List

Narrative Digest has added to its archives. Check out these:
  • "The Wrong Man" by Tamara Jones is part of the Washington Post's ongoing project called "Being a Black Man." It's an unnerving account of a man mistaken for a fugitive.
  • "Of Meth and Motherhood" by Nicole Stricker chronicles the life of a woman in a sandwich generation of meth users: Her mother and daughter are addicts, too.
  • In "Chasing Shadows" Howard Altman tells a good yarn about exploring the community near D.C.'s "shadow government" -- and finding himself part of an espionage investigation.
  • In "Good Intentions" Lane DeGregory engages us once again with story and character while showing the challenges and shortcomings of foster care.
  • Xan Rice gives an eyewitness account of the murder of photojournalist Martin Adler in Somalia.


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