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Monday, May 14, 2007

Resources to Procrastinate With

It's a self-deceptive way to procrastinate: Do things that are useful but that aren't related to your project.

Having done a little of that today, let me pass along a pleasant place to browse when you're unwilling to buckle down and work: SPAWN. Don't jump to conclusions: it's an organization for writers, artists, and small publishers.

Most of the info is restricted to members (a free newsletter is available; it gives you a couple of tips and lots of prodding to become a member), but there's a handy section on resources on the organization's home page for everyone (on the left column), where anyone can take a gander at the following:
  • Recommended Books on Writing, Illustrating, and Publishing
  • Articles on Writing, Illustrating, Publishing, and Marketing
  • Book Printers
  • Book Services
  • Other Organizations
  • Other Resources
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