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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Documentary Filmmakers on House

House is one of the few shows I watch pretty often although the episode plots have been awfully similar (guess wildly at what's wrong; treat that; put the patient at death's door; do over). Also, Dr. House was way too willing last season to stick syringes into people. I hate needles. And has anyone besides me noticed that this season the liver is getting a starring role in every patient's problems?

Today's episode made me crazy for different reasons. This is the second episode when he has insisted that a person with Lyme disease always shows a bull's-eye rash. This is so not true.

The other reason it made me crazy--and here we get to the reason I'm ranting to you about it--is that the episode included documentary filmmakers who blatantly disregarded the truth that they saw while they were taping in favor of a feel-good product. The episode could be used as a "do not do this, children" example. The final documentary portrayed House as a charming, child-loving doctor who solved the problem to earn the patient's gratitude. In reality, House was his usual irascible self and another doctor on the team pinpointed the problem. I did have one mean thought: that the filmmakers were doing this for a spot on local TV news, where so much gets contorted into superlatives. I curbed my disgust by reminding myself that the show is about as accurate on documentarians as it is on Lyme disease.


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