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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Promoting Books--A Never-ending Story

From John Kremer's free e-newsletter:

Marketing your book through social media
If you've been thinking of marketing your books using social media such
as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc., check out this blog post:
It's a good post on the basics of social marketing.

Personally, I have pages on most of these social media websites and
also write several blogs, but I find them primarily a waste of time in
promoting books. Too time-consuming. That's why they're just a really
small option in what I'm teaching in my Ten Million Eyeballs course.

In that course, I focus on the quick, easy, fast, effective, cheap ways
to market your books, products, and services online.

If you're interested in pay per click advertising, you can read more of
Eric Werner's blog at http://www.atlantaclickadvisor.com.


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