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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Got Writing Resolutions?

Having the beginning of the year in the middle of winter is a stupid idea, at least for those of us stuck in climes with cold and gray weather at this time of year. A new resolution would take hold better in spring, when the environment is energetically sprouting new (and colorful and interesting) stuff too.

Putting on the optimist's viewpoint momentarily, however, if we start digging ourselves a new habit now, by spring we'll be seeing the results right along with Earth's celebrations in the northern hemisphere, at least.

My writing ambitions for 2009:
  • Produce a narrative nonfiction project every quarter.
  • Revise a piece every quarter.
  • Submit a piece every quarter to a literary journal.
  • Submit six queries for narratives to magazine editors.
  • Analyze 12 narratives published by others.
  • Write a book proposal and submit it to at least one agent.
To accomplish goals, you have to break them down into specific actions. For example:
Task: Revising my work and analyzing that of others. (At the beginning of each week I'll pick which pieces to work on.)
Time: 3 to 4: 30 p.m., when my daughter does her homework.
Place: Kitchen island (to keep an eye on my daughter, who does her homework at the dining room table).
Reward: An hour of guilt-free reading in my favorite chair.

I tell you honestly: it is hard to be an ambition person who is lazy.

What are you planning for your writing this year?


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