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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Narrative: The Tweet

As opposed to "Narrative: The Movie." Anyway. Here's a note from the Creative Nonfiction December newsletter. (And, it seems as if the revamped publication is going to be more like a magazine than a literary journal. And it'll be quarterly. Wait . . . I thought it was quarterly.)

The Great Twitter Experiment

By now, the CNF Daily Twitter contest is nothing new. After six months, it has officially become a bona fide online community of micro-essayists. But here's a reminder: A handful of CNF Tweets will appear in the "new" CNF.

That's right, the CNF Daily contest is another way to get your work in print. Micro-essays, after all, are still essays.

Still not sure what we're looking for? Here are a few recent winners, to serve as examples and inspiration:

November 27
JHammons My grandmother's Thanksgiving recipe: tumbler of vodka. No ice. #cnftweet

November 30
spitballarmy The $10.90 debt hung on for months, the rain turned their dusty Oklahoma town to mud, but the train always came at the right time. #cnftweet

December 3
inthemilk Errors often produce the finest results. Think: Post-it Notes. Think: Chocolate chip cookies. Think: My youngest son. #cnftweet

December 5
sarahgilbert went to feed chickens on winter's coldest day, feathers were everywhere, 2 girls shivering after what must have been battle royale. #cnftweet

All of the winners are available on our profile page under the "Favorites"tab, and the finer details of the contest are below:

Can you tell a true story in 130 characters or less? Think you could write twenty CNF-worthy tweets a day? Go for it. We dare you. There's no limit and submitting is easy. Simply tag your creative nonfiction tweet with the trending topic #cnftweet, and then hit "Update." That's it.

Our editors pick a daily winner and re-tweet the best of the day.


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