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Friday, June 25, 2010


The Practicing Writing blogger is making a couple of resources about markets for book reviews and essays available free. She says:

One provides a directory of paying markets for book reviewers, and the other one lists dozens of paying markets for essayists. The most recent updates for both guides were completed last December.

The time is coming to say good-bye to updating--and selling--these two guides, too. But before they disappear from view (which will happen on August 1, 2010), I want to give you all the opportunity to access them (free of charge). They're still available on the site that has handled the sales from the start:

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Friday, June 18, 2010

More People to Twitter-Stalk

By way of Jevon Bolden, we have a list of book folks she has enjoyed following on Twitter. Learn why--and where you can get more tips on finding good editors at her site, Embrace the Impossible.

Read and Write

Go read essays on craft from the Nieman Storyboard site. It'll be good for you!

And then go write something.

My life has been full of way to much grist for the mill lately (i.e., chaos and family disasters), but I'm trying to take notes so I can write about it later. Probably muuuuch later, when I can bear to think about it.