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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tidbits from Writer's Digest

The June Writer's Digest arrived yesterday. I flipped through it while eating celery sticks and four caramel chocolate brownies. (As long as I've been reporting, you'd think I wouldn't stress out about starting calls for a story.)

So through my procrastinating, I can recommend a few things in the magazine.

1) A piece on avoiding shady agents (the usual stuff--if you've read one article on this topic, you'll already know this stuff)
2) Interview with Po Bronson, a guy who did 700 interviews for his last book.
3) A brief explanation of how book auctions work.
4) Six tips on dealing with national magazines.
5) How to ask your magazine editor for more money.
6) A primer for those who don't have clips and want to start writing freelance articles

The Writer's Digest Web site has a piece on journalistic ethics, too.

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