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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Keep on Learning

Sometimes a class is just the thing to spur you one, rev you up, help you fill in some gaps in your confidence, er, skills.

A few places to check out. Recently pointed out by Ms. Cool Health-Writer Herself, Rebecca Clay, is a new endeavor: JournalismTraining.org brought to us by the Society of Professional Journalists and many of the country's leading journalism organizations. In the words of the press release: "Whether you want to improve your writing skills, learn more about convergence, investigate resources for your reporting beat, or catch up with other designers at an infographics quick course, we've got you covered. Hundreds of classes and seminars from scores of recognized organizations are a mouse click away. Visit the site and search for training that meets your needs. Search by topic, date, or location. Or use the advanced search feature to create a more specific search."

There's News University: Training for Journalists. Anytime. Anywhere. A variety of these classes (such as "Math for Journalists") are available free for those who register with the site.

Media Bistro puts on seminars in several locations (most in NYC, SF, and LA) and offers some online. I've mentioned this before. Nice staff. But if you want to save time and money and don't care about face-time with instructors, join Media Bistro and read through the transcripts of the three-hour seminars they hold. Definitely educational!
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